Who is Nurse Vez?

Student Nurse, queer feminist, trade union activist, libertarian socialist (not a paper seller/placard waver), loud singer, vegan, running enthusiast, former ED sufferer, Joss Whedon + Devin Townsend worshipper.

Weaknesses: Murray Mints, hairspray, kittens, BBQ sauce, a good beat, the sound of people being eaten by zombies as the organs and cartilage are ripped and crunched…

Shitlist: animal exploitation, capitalism, bigotry, leftist sectarianism, bland music (Coldplay), yuppie flats, NHS cuts + privatisation, running out of gum, “New Labour”, bad hair days, xerostomia*, those M&S billboards which are just a close-up of a bloke in his pants, not-cooked-all-the-way rice, back pain (which I suffer with every day).

*dry mouth


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